Welcome to CT1ENI’s website!

Amateur radio since 1992, I love radiofrequency transmission and to experiment on DX and digital communications.

Right now, my little shack consists of the following equipment:
For the HF bands I use a Kenwood TS-140s with a multiband cat-mustache dipole antenna, and sometimes a homebrew Longwire. For VHF and UHF have a Kenwood TM-g707 (dual-band) and a fiber-glass vertical Diamond X-200.
In APRS use a PC Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100 CDX. It’s old, but for this purpose it’s more than enough.

The APRS softwares of my preference are BPQ32 and IU-View32 V2.03. There are some advantages: it’s easy to configure, they have huge maps with lots of quality graphics, easy connection to GPS and NMEA protocol, allowing connection of PC to TNC in several modes (terminal, KISS, AGW Packet Engine BPQ32, and WA8DED Flexnet), the connection is direct to the GPS (RS-232) and if the GPS has a USB connection, you can read a virtual port, if you have the GPS software to virtualize. In my case, I’m using a Garmin GPS18-PC, the connection is via RS-232. My TNC is a Kantronics KPC-9612 +, I use it in terminal mode to have the BBS (CT1ENI-5) active and ready to receive any message 24/7, as well as the APRS digipeater CT1ENI-8. The TNC is connected to a mobile transceiver Kenwood TM-251e at minimum power and a fiber antenna Televes 7/8 VHF on the terrace.



Please, feel free to browse over this website and send me your suggestions to ct1eni@outlook.pt.



Note: this website is originally written in English, so you have to rely on some flaws in the translation for your language.


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