High Definition Earth-Viewing System (Source: NASA)

Welcome to CT1ENI’s website!

I’m a licensed Amateur Radio since 1991 and I love radiofrequency transmission and to experiment on DX and digital communications.

Right now, my little shack consists of the following equipment:
For the HF bands I use a Kenwood TS-140s, Kenwood TS-50 and Yaesu FT991 with a multiband cat-mustache dipole antenna and a homebrew Longwire. For digital communications with ISS I have a Kenwood TM-251e with a Kantronics KPC-3 and a Kenwood TS-790E for Satellite and VHF/UHF operation connected to two fiber-glass verticals Diamond X-510.
For APRS and Packet Radio I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 with linBPQ on a Raspbian Linux platform. It’s an excellent way to have your digital communications system with a stable OS and low power consumption.

Please, feel free to browse over this website and send me your suggestions to ct1eni@outlook.pt.

Note: this website is originally written in English, so you have to rely on some flaws in the automatic translation for your language.

Bi-cone antenna

The Bi-Cone Antenna is a Dipole Antenna The Bi-Cone antenna is essentially a finite length dipole antenna that exhibits very wide resonant bandwidth performance. This is unlike the more common 1/2 wavelength dipole antenna, which is resonant at only a narrow band of frequencies. In addition, the Bi-Cone antenna range of near resonant frequencies is …

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Kantronics KAM repairing

Excerpt from IK5PWC website (Thanks to Luca): “KAM Repairing My dear Kantronics All Mode is a pretty old model: I remember I bought this unit in a famous italian ham rally in 1991, equipped with 4.0 firmware version which later I upgraded to 5.0 using a special offer from the italian reseller (I received all …

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Configuração aconselhada APRS

Recomendo vivamente que use as seguintes configurações no seu software de cliente APRS: É importante que os utilizadores de APRS e sysops configurem correctamente o software cliente de APRS para um melhor desempenho da rede nacional. Deve, acima de tudo, facilitar a operação das estações móveis, uma vez que têm condições de alcance reduzidas. Estações …

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