APRS recommended settings

I strongly recommend you use the following settings in your APRS client software:

It is important that the APRS users and sysops correctly configure the APRS client software for better performance of the national network. It should, above all, ease the operation of mobile stations, since it has reduced condition of range.

Fixed stations APRS:
Use beacons with little text 20 at intervals of, minimum, 20 minutes .
Do not enable the digipeater or iGate, unless there is another in a radius of 50 km, or at a higher point.
Use always SSID less or equal -2, for example WIDE2-2. If possible, try using the indicative digipeater, instead of Widex-x.
Do not use TRACE referrals, RELAY or just WIDE. They're already obsolete.

Mobile APRS stations:
Use positioning beacons every minute for low speeds or every 2 km for higher speeds.
Use always SSID less or equal 3, For example WIDE2-2 would be sufficient.
Do not enable the digipeater, except in an emergency situation.

Here you can find some guidance on the best configuração for APRS users. Thanks to CT2IRJ - Salomao Fresco.



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