APRS recommendations

I strongly advise you to use the following settings in your APRS client software:

On oluline, et APRS kasutajat ja sysops luua APRS kliendi tarkvara paremaid tulemusi riikliku võrgustiku. It must ease the mobile stations operation, once they are in worst range conditions.

Home APRS stations:
Use short text beacons each 20 minutes or more.
Do not enable digipeater or iGate unless there is no other in a distance of 50 km, or in a higher place.
Use allways SSID less or equal then -2, for example WIDE2-2. If possible, try to use the digipeater call instead of WIDEx-x feature.
Ärge kasutage TRACE, Relee või mööda teed. Nad on juba vananenud.

Mobile APRS stations:
Use positioning beacons each minute for low speeds or each 2 km for higher speeds.
Do not use SSID greater then 3, for example WIDE2-2 will be enough.
Do not enable digipeater, unless in emergency situation.

Siit võid leida mõned juhised, millised on parimad konfiguratsioon jaoks APRS kasutajad. Tänu CT2IRJ – Salomão Fresco.