APRS recommendations

I strongly advise you to use the following settings in your APRS client software:

Svarbu, kad MN vartotojai ir administratoriai įsteigė MN kliento programinę įrangą už geresnių rezultatų nacionaliniame tinkle. It must ease the mobile stations operation, once they are in worst range conditions.

Home APRS stations:
Use short text beacons each 20 minutes or more.
Do not enable digipeater or iGate unless there is no other in a distance of 50 km, or in a higher place.
Use allways SSID less or equal then -2, for example WIDE2-2. If possible, try to use the digipeater call instead of WIDEx-x feature.
Nenaudokite TRACE, Relę arba nesėkmingas kelias. Jie jau paseno.

Mobile APRS stations:
Use positioning beacons each minute for low speeds or each 2 km for higher speeds.
Do not use SSID greater then 3, for example WIDE2-2 will be enough.
Do not enable digipeater, unless in emergency situation.

Čia galite rasti keletą gairių apie geriausias konfigūracija už MN vartotojų. Ačiū CT2IRJ – Salomao Freska.