Portuguese Castles and Fortresses Award


Portuguese Castles and Fortresses Award

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This Diploma is awarded by GPDX – Portuguese group DX, the Amateur Radio and SWL's who prove to have communicated with a minimum of 10 (ten) amateur stations, transmitting from different castles and / or referenced in fortresses Castles and Fortresses of Portugal list published by GPDX.


Change in A.G. ordinary 30/11/1999:

1- DCFP any activity must be reported before the operation to the Award Manager, getting it to disclose the activity in the cluster.

2- It should be pointed to the Award Manager operators activity.

3- The DCFP activities must have at least two hours of operation.

4- The activities were to be made in at least two bands with the requirement for one of the bands 10, 15 20mts or another band and the choice of operator.

5- Must present credible evidence of log and stay at the site of activity to the Award Manager.


For better ease of identification they were separately referenced Strengths of the castles. Thus castles are identified by the letter “C” followed by a serial number of the letter and Fortresses “F” also followed by an order number.


change in 2005:

Fortress (F) = (also includes Towers, bastions, Casas-Strong, City / Village surrounded by wall, fortified wall, Towns / Villages / Village strongholds, strong, Fortins, Torres, etc.).

For crediting new reference DCFP, should the expedition sent to GPDX credible documentation with evidence of its existence and location via photo / tourist brochures or other considered reliable.


Are considered valid transactions carried out within the physical limits of the Castelli and / or Strengths.


Operators of expeditions, They will be credited references activated by themselves.


The starting date of the valid contacts is to 2 March 1994.


change in 2005:

Diplomas will be passed to all the bands of HF / VHF / UHF (SSB, CW , RTTY, Satélite, Digital modes, Echolinks e MISTO).

There are valid contacts made via Repeaters, but not so Echolink.


Do not send QSL cards is required, simply for requesting effect of Diploma, contact list certified by an Amateur Radio Association or endorsed by two amateurs, reserving however this group the right to ask any contact confirmation proves that you offer doubt, by any means it deems appropriate.


If however the QSL cards are sent directly to GPDX, It should be sent the amount in stamps or IRC's necessary for the return of their QSL cards by registered mail.


From 25 in 25 up until 200 contacts with different references and after 10 in 10, It will be awarded an endorsement stamp.


The cost of the Diploma is:

-Free for members of the GPDX

-2,50 or € 4 IRC's para Portugal.

-7 IRC’s ou US$5 para o resto do mundo.


The endorsement stamps are free, simply to receive, in addition to the list of supporting contacts, sending a self addressed stamped envelope.

Applications Diploma or endorsements, and new references (documented), They should be addressed to:


GPDX Award Manager

pulled apart 1040, EC Barcarena

2735-999 BARCARENA