In the southwestern tip of Europe is a land that is often forgotten and ignored by the crowds as a holiday destination: ポルトガル!
And this is a great advantage because here you will find almost everything that other popular destinations offer, しかし、それは混雑です。, 以下のコマーシャル, 一般的に安価!
Since the movement of modern and picturesque capital city where old and new blend harmoniously, 山と平野へ, ブドウ畑や牧草地を介して, on endless beaches and stunning coastline to the tranquil and unspoiled islands, ポルトガルは、多くを提供しています , more.
Portugal emerged from its status as a ‘poor cousin’ and now invests in tourism in a mature and careful, giving a warm welcome to travelers to this friendly society, 開いてもてなし. ここでは海はほとんど国家の強迫観念は常にあなたはポルトガル語のシーフードでその熱意をもって何に近いです。. No visit would be complete without this treat. Try also our wines and cheeses and you will be pleasantly surprised.
他の多くの近代的な都市とは異なり、, そのカラフルな歴史を持つリスボン, the electric yellow and lifestyle Latin, retained much of its energy and charm. Saunter through the old center, 18世紀に再建して、ベレンへトラム, where you will find the famous ‘cream puffs’.
Famous for its beaches so the Algarve coastline from the south. Most visitors arrive and depart here by Faro airport which is fairly central with good access to the charming destinations along this beautiful coast.
The Harbour in an attractive location at the mouth of the Douro River on the banks of which grow the grapes to make the famous Port Wine that has the name of which is the second largest city of Portugal. かつて偉大なナポレオンの戦いの舞台, この領域を定義する川に傾斜している魅力的な路地. To better see the sights make a boat trip upriver.
Coimbra is the academic center of Portugal and was for a short period, 国の最初の首都. それはヨーロッパで最も古い大学の一つを収容し、いくつかの素晴らしいアーキテクチャが含まれています. Relax and listen to the particular style of Coimbra fado, traditional Portuguese music.
The main wine-producing region is Alentejo, also known for cheeses and hams, 中世の村と先史時代の記念碑はこの時代を超越した土地の特性をどこに. Visit Évora, a city complete with Roman monuments dating back over two millennia.
The landscape of Portugal is perhaps the most dazzling and diverse is that found in the subtropical island of Madeira. The picturesque coastline and steep cliffs soon give way to the foothills. バナナ農園を通じ, ブドウ畑, 緑の谷とヨーロッパ最古の森, every bend in the road offers unbeatable panoramic opportunities. From the sunny and sophisticated capital, フンシャル, to the wild north coast, this is a destination well established that for sure will impress you!
There are so many interesting places to visit in Portugal that mere words can never do justice to him, 最良の選択肢です。, もちろん, 自分で見に来!
The Portuguese are known worldwide, such as browsers, footballers and poets.
Despite having been formed by several elements, the Portuguese population is one of the most homogeneous in Europe and the majority (約 95%) are Catholic. 以下 1% 人口はプロテスタントです。. ユダヤ人の人口は常に非常に低水準にとどまっている, これは、ユダヤ人は変換したり、移住を引き起こした.
The dance and song are a strong way of life so typical of this people. Each region has its own style of dance and songs and is often used instruments like the accordion, マンドリン, バスドラム, ウクレレ, タンバリン, フルート, バグパイプ, フィドル, アコーディオン (popular dances) とポルトガルギター (the fate). The bride, 世界中に知られている, mirrors the longing, one side of the most romantic and melancholic character of the inhabitants of Portugal.
ハンブル, フレンドリーで親しみやすい, ポルトガルのホスピタリティーの技術を養う, 観光のために多くの構造だけでなく, だけでなく、自分の家で, whether or not the song say: "In a house looks good Portuguese bread and wine on the table and if someone knocks at the door cheerfully, sitting at the table with us! "
Time of Meal
ポルトガルのレストランで食事をする, the time varies somewhat. ポルトガル語は、通常、12h30と15Hの間に昼食をしている. 通常の夕食は19h30と23hとの間に提供しています. しかしながら, あなたは午前1時または午前2時までお食事を楽しむことができ、多くのレストランがあります.
Hours of Trade
ポルトガルは、完全なショッピング体験をするための優れた場所です。. 伝統的なショップや典型的な貿易から, the shops of international brands and luxury, ポルトガルでは、それがすべてある.
The stores in major shopping areas are open Monday to Friday from 9h to 19h, 13Hから14h30まで昼食のため閉鎖.
On Saturdays the stores are only open from 9h to 13h except in tourist areas like the Chiado in Lisbon and the Algarve in the high season in which the same close to 19h.
In shopping centers throughout the country stores open every day (except on January 1 and December 25) from 10h to 23h.
局所的な電流は、 230 volts to ground and is done by a plug with two pins.
Before you rent a car in Portugal, あなたが知っておくべきいくつかのものがあります:
The Portuguese drive on the right lane of the road;
"あなたが飲む場合, do not drive" ポルトガルで使用されているスローガンの一つである. The level of alcohol is allowed to 0.5 グラム / l and almost reached to the use of a beer;
Generally, 右から接近する車両を優先して, except when there is signage that says otherwise.
There is a telephone service bus for the disabled in Lisbon (217,585,676) とポルト (226 006 353), とタクシーのサービス, 障害を持つ人々のために意図されている, Braga (253 684 081) とコインブラ (239,484,522).
全国緊急電話番号: 112
(For fire, 警察と救急車)
ポルトガルのアクセスコード: 00,351
救急車: 808 201 068
Pharmacy: 800 20 21 34/35/36/13
ポルトガルは、美食とワインで有名です。. Since the typical taverns to upscale restaurants cooking more refined, there are plenty of options for you to enjoy a delicious dining experience. 最新または最先端のレストランではベジタリアン料理を提供します.
Although the salt cod is one of the most famous ingredients of Portuguese cuisine, この魚は、カナダ、ノルウェーから輸入され, since the cold waters of their Atlantic coasts allow there to be many large schools. There are thousands of recipes for preparing cod!
肉料理は、全国の非常に多様である, however there are two regions that are famous for their specialties: アレンテジョ, with regard to pig, and Tras-os-Montes, with excellent sausages.
Each region of Portugal has your typical bread and cheese. The country’s most famous cheese is Serra cheese produced at Serra da Estrela. The Azeitão cheese produced near Lisbon, また美味しいです. In all restaurants served bread to accompany meals – and when it is homemade, と近くのパン屋からの新鮮な到着します.
ポルトガルのお菓子は様々以上さかのぼるされてい 10 何世紀にも. In weight of the Ruler can indulge in the sweets of the Rule and, リスボン, to go through Belém, be sure to taste the famous pastel de Belém
ポルトガルは、酒精強化ワインには特に有名です。: ポートワインとマデイラワイン, excellent both as aperitifs or digestives. しかしながら, the traditional culture and wine are all over the country. The Douro region is now one of the world famous thanks to its DOC wines. シャトー·ド·フランスと同じように, today there are many wines called from their farms of origin in the Douro. The Alentejo and Dao also produce great red wines, 白とロゼ. ポルトガルツアーは、ワインの試飲の魅惑的な旅をすることができます!
それはまた食事と一緒に消費されていますが, beer is particularly popular in the late afternoon drink on a terrace on hot days.
気候, 植生への影響を通じて、, ポルトガルを分割. スペインのように, 影響の3つのタイプに関与: the Atlantic, 大陸と地中海. The Atlantic is prevalent, どの国の多くがイベリア半島の湿地の範囲内になります. これは特に北西に証明されています, where the climate is temperate and rainy. Portugal finds himself influenced by the beneficial action of the sea winds, 特にその長い海岸線に沿って 700 km long.
湿度は、我々が海岸から離れて行くように低下, 主に機能の大陸性気候の中, テージョ川の谷北の例外, 天気は、ウェット、ソフトのままである.
大西洋の熱帯低気圧から北部地域の利点、南と東には気温が最大で上昇できます。亜熱帯高気圧に支配されている間に 40 º C in summer The climate varies with altitude and higher temperatures there are usually in the lower regions of the south.
手短に言えば, Portugal is a country with a climate that does not have temperatures exorbitantly high nor too low. すべてはあなたが訪問することを選択今年の領域と時間に依存.
ポルトガル語は、ロマンチックな言語です。. As with all languages ​​of the same group, Portuguese is a direct descendant of latin soldiers and Roman settlers and not the classical latin of the educated citizens of Rome. It was developed in ancient Gallaeci (now Galicia, northwest Spain) とポルトガル北部, to Portuguese today. It holds its importance (as a second language romantic, その後、スペイン語, スピーカーの数の面で) ブラジルの言語としての地位を主因, ここで、以上の 200 万人がこの言語を話す. ポルトガルで約があります 10 百万円のスピーカー. It is estimated that also are about 4.6 万人がアフリカでポルトガル語を話す (some speaking Creole) 約 500,000 米国では.
5つの主要なポルトガル語の方言のグループがあります。, すべての相互理解: (1) North (2) 中央の, またはベイラ, (3) サウス (including Lisbon, アレンテージョとアルガルヴェ), (4) 島国 (アゾレス諸島とマデイラ諸島の方言を含む) と (5) ブラジル人.
Typical of the phonetic system is the use of Portuguese nasal vowels, represented in orthography by m or following the vowel (eg yes, right) or the tilde (〜) 母音以上 (例えば、手, 国).
Source: ポルトガルのライブ

Geographical coordinates: 39 30 N 00 8 で
エリア: 92 000 km ² including the Azores and Madeira
海岸線: 1793 キロ
人口: 10708000
                                    人々: 75 年
                                    women: 82 年
       Catholics 84.5%,
       他のキリスト教 2.2%,
       その他 0.3%
       未知の 9%
       none 3.9%
言語: ポルトガル語 (公式)
                  Mirandese (公式 – ローカルで使用)
Type of Government: Democratic Republic of parliamentary
資本: リスボン
通貨: €ユーロ
Time zone: GMT