Digital modes

It’s available an RF Packet BBS (CT1ENI-5) and a NetRom Node (CT1ENI-8) at VHF (1200 baud).

You can also access the CT1ENI-5 BBS or the Node CT1ENI-8 directly from your PC via Telnet using any Telnet client software, like TTYLink, PuTTY, WinPack, etc.

If you have Telnet service activated on your operative system, open a command line window and type the following:

BBS: Telnet 6300

BPQ Node: Telnet 8010

Don’t have Telnet service activated on your PC? Please see these links:

CT1ENI-5 BBS Messages

CT1ENI-8 Node Server

APRS on Google (




AGW Server

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